Why every website needs SEO

Why every website needs SEO

Optimizing your WordPress website for search engines is a key factor for growing your business and establishing your authority online. Clickclimber.com has various SEO package’s available to suit your business needs. more information

Do You Need an SEO support?

Successful WordPress search engine optimization calls for more than adding relevant keywords to your site’s content. Search engine crawlers survey every part of your site for keywords and other features that could push it to the top of a search result page. Meta description, the title tag, URLs, site structure and many other elements are also indexed against a search engine’s current algorithm to determine a site’s relevance and quality. Managing all these elements manually can be time-consuming and ineffective – and many plugins are limited in the features they optimize.

Some sites, such as personal blogs, don’t really need high search visibility; but if your business or professional site needs traffic, it’s important to make it as accessible as possible. It is possible to optimize a site on both global and content-specific levels to make it as search friendly as possible.

Sitewide SEO Solution

We customize all the site’s URL structures and meta tags for indexing. We verify and submit site information, company logos, and more to Google for generating knowledge – the detailed profile of a business or professional website that appears in the sidebar of a Google search.

Options are available for linking social media accounts, creating and editing snippets and meta tags, and controlling the indexing of archives and specific pages.

Sitemaps that include all of a site’s pages and other elements can be used to boost search standings. We automatically generate an XML sitemap that’s ready for indexing and update the sitemap as changes are made to the structure and content of the site.

Page and Post Analysis “Grades” Your Content

We work on a regular basis to analyze and offer feedback on every piece of content posted to your site. Focus keywords evaluate the page or post content for maximum optimisation and offers us suggestions for improvement. A post or a page that includes the focus keyword in all the right places might receive an “A.” Content that doesn’t quite pass muster will get a lower grade, such as “C,” along with suggested tweaks to raise the score. We will also evaluate your content for readability, using one of the many readability algorithms currently available. Clickclimber.com’s objective is to achieve “A’s” for all your website pages & posts.

Upgrade SEO features

News SEO can optimise a site to improve its chances for appearing in Google News feeds, and Video SEO provides tools for optimising video content. There’s also Local SEO, which positions a site for geographically relevant searches.

Start improving your SEO ranking

  • Connect your Search Console
  • Create SEO title & meta descriptions under the SEO section
  • Generate XML sitemaps
  • Use the social tabs to customize each social platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & Instagram
  • and much more!

Whether you’re running a small business site or managing one for a large corporation, Clickclimber.com provides the essential tools to optimise your WordPress site for maximum searchability. With options for editing and managing features ranging from URLs and links to your site’s current content and archives, we make SEO easy for your WordPress site, even if you don’t know a thing about code.

It is always important to follow SEO best practices. Don’t forget to set up Google Analytics and be aware of duplicate content.

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